The Pony Collector has been selected to play at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival on April 26th. It's showing is at 7 PM at the St. Anthony Main Theater. for more details please visit mspfilmfest.org


The Pony Collector was recently Premiered at the Washington DC APA Film Festival and received a great response from the audience and critics at the event. The Pony Collector will be available to watch online sometime in the near future and I will be including it on my video page when it is. Stay tuned.


Rob now has a Soundcloud profile and account! All his music will be available to stream or, download shortly. There are a few tracks up now, but we are still currently uploading all his music to the site. In addition to his new profile at Soundcloud, we swapped out the old music player for a new one that directly links to his Soundcloud account. Stay tuned for new music and future projects.


custommusic.net is proud to announce that some of Rob's music will be featured on the live online broadcast of MLG: Raleigh(Major League Gaming) this weekend. The event starts today at 5:00 PM ET and runs until Sunday evening. It features some of the most talented Pro-Gamers from around the world competing in Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo 2: Reach, League of Legends and Gears of War. So if you're a Gamer, eSports fan or even want to improve your gaming skills, visit majorleaguegaming.com and catch the action live all weekend!


Rob is currently on the hunt for new projects and multimedia productions. If you need music for your next game, trailer, or movie get in touch by visiting the contact page


New music will be up soon. Currently Rob is finishing up a rock remix of "ET" by, katy pery. As well as putting the last finishing touches on the short film, "The Pony Collector". Stay tuned for future updates and more music content.


custommusic.net has been updated. More music, less clutter. Check out Rob's new blog at music-4food.blogspot.com and stay tuned for future news deemed worthy to make the news board.