custom music studios

Music is an essential part of any multimedia production. In today's world, there are many music composers and music production studios, but few will give you the EXACT kind of service you are looking for.

Rob Richert created with the idea of providing a high quality music solution for customers that want more out of their music, no matter their budget. With state-of-the-art technology at his finger tips Rob has been composing and providing music nationally for over 3 years. He has composed, produced and engineered music for video games, films, trailers, other artists, and local music groups.

Multimedia has allowed us all to pursue our passions, make impacting statements and influence others. It is in the act of creating multimedia that we realize the profound impact that the creation has on ourselves, and the potential impact the creation may have on it's viewers. While music composition for multimedia productions is Rob's main focus, he is always looking for new clients and projects that require his expert knowledge and musical skills. Whether your looking for a composer for your next film, or looking for someone to produce your next record, Rob is someone you can rely on to take your project and creative vision to the next level.