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About Me

Creating ear-pleasing music has been a passion of mine for many years. Not only do I have a natural talent for writing and producing songs, but I also have the education. I have bachelor's and master's degrees in music. Additionally, I continue to hone my craft by staying up on the latest trends. I listen to different styles of music constantly for inspiration as well.

When I create new music, originality is one of my main concerns. I strive to make tunes that are one-of-a-kind so that my art won't be confused with work done by another artist.

As a professional songwriter and music arrangement specialist, I have the skills to produce tracks that will catch any listener's attention. I also create good, quality music for commercial clients, including YouTubers and the NFL Network. Typically, I handle larger projects for my clients. However, no music project is too big or too small for me to tackle, as I love what I do.

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